Put An End To Wage Garnishment

Although civilized countries no longer allow imprisonment for unpaid debts, other forms of debt collection still have a harsh impact on individuals and their families who feel trapped beneath debt. Wage garnishment is one such practice. Watching your wages disappear to chip away at a mountain of debt can make you feel helpless. By this time, your financial situation has likely spiraled out of control.

Fortunately, the law provides a way out. There is no sense in losing everything for debts that can never possibly be paid. The law recognizes that in such dire financial situations, you deserve a second chance.

You Should Decide When To Pay

Bankruptcy offers a way to immediately stop wage garnishment. As soon as you file, the garnishment will immediately halt. You can then work toward eliminating the underlying problem - the excessive debt - through bankruptcy proceedings. Once free from debt, you can start over with a clean financial slate.

To learn more about how to stop wage garnishment, contact Rhode Island lawyer James T. Marasco.

James T. Marasco, a native of the state with more than 30 years of experience, is dedicated to helping people like you escape from the burden of excessive debt. He has successfully handled countless bankruptcy cases for individuals and families throughout the state.

When it seems like everyone is against you, from banks to credit card companies to collection agencies, you can feel immense relief knowing someone is on your side. Our firm helps those with financial struggles; we never represent banks or lenders, so our loyalty is never divided. You can rest assured that we will take your interests to heart.

Clients regularly come into our office with weighty burdens they believe may never be fixed. By the time they leave, they are equipped with much-needed solutions, and they are on the threshold of a better future.

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