Walking Hazards

Accidents happen, but if your accident was the result of negligence, you may be entitled to a large cash settlement. Negligence can happen in a number of ways and is defined as conduct by an individual, business or government entity that is unreasonable under the circumstances and that causes harm. Negligence can be seen every day in pedestrian accidents, from automobiles striking people to dangerous premises causing injuries.

At The Law Offices of James T. Marasco, in Providence and Narragansett, we represent pedestrians who are hurt as a result of the negligence of a person or business.

The Law Offices of James T. Marasco is one of the most successful plaintiff personal injury law firms in the country. Our pedestrian accident attorneys have a proven track record of getting results for our clients for car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, and personal injury cases, large or small. Our pedestrian accident attorney can offer valuable and necessary legal advice, assist you with your claim and protect your rights.

What to do if you are in an accident — tips on what you can do immediately following an accident.

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